Welcome to S&L Aerospace Metals, LLC

S&L Aerospace Metals, LLC was founded in 1947 in Brooklyn, NY. The main business was producing bicycle parts. Throughout the 1950's the focus has changed to small precision parts for the defense industry.

S&L grew along with local defense industry in Long Island. In 1962 S&L merged with another machine shop in Maspeth, Queens. During the late 1960's and early 1970's S&L became a leading supplier of hydraulic assemblies to Grumman Aerospace. This was closely followed by an expansion into Sikorsky Aircraft.

Today customers include Boeing, Goodrich, Messier-Dowty, Parker California, Parker Michigan, Helicopter Support, Raytheon, Sikorsky Aircraft, Moog and all US Government agencies. S&L employs 100 people, it has over 100,000 square foot manufacturing space and is considered one of the premier Hydraulic manufacturers in the United States.